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POOLE          On Tuesday 17th inst, at Te Aroha, Margaret, beloved wife of Mr D. Poole. Aged 38 years.     Victorian papers please copy.
[Te Aroha News, Sat 21 Jul 1883]
WILSON          It is our painful task to record an occurrence that has cast a gloom over the township. On Tuesday last, Charles William Wilson, a young lad of about 14 years of age and son of our respected fellow townsman Mr William Wilson, draper … [was drowned]. Includes inquest details and names jurymen
                                   Robert G. Macky (foreman)
                                    Thomas Bradley
                                    James Clarke
                                    Alfred Ellis
                                    Harold Bromfield
                                    William Jeffries
                                    John Coleman
                                    James Joseph Bennett
                                    Daniel James Frazer
                                    Daniel Redwood
                                    Patrick Quinlan
                                    Nicholas Clearly
                                    Henry Smith
                                    Robert Mackie
[Te Aroha News, Sat 15 Sep 1883, p.2., col. 5&6.]
GRAHAM          On Sunday, Dec, 30, at Waihou, George Henry, infant son of Edwin and Annie Graham.
[Te Aroha News, Sat 5 Jan 1884, p.2., col. 2.]
ONYON          It is our painful duty to record a very sad occurrence that took place yesterday. The eldest son of Mr R. Onyon, steamboat agent, whilst in charge of a barge load of timber, in tow of the steam tug Huia, on its way to Te Aroha, was accidentally drowned…..The poor fellow was about 17 years of age….
[Te Aroha News, Sat 12 Apr 1884, p.2., col.5.] (Inquest details 19 Apr 1884)
YOUNG          On April 22nd, at his father’s residence, Wairongomai, Albert Walter Young, youngest son of D.K. and Catherine Young. Aged, 1 year and 10 months.
[Te Aroha News, Sat 26 Apr 1884, p.2., col. 2.]  (Inquest details same day)
KILIAN          The news that a serious accident had occurred at the Battery… The sufferer proved to be the son of Mr J. B. Kilian, proprietor of the Premier Hotel, Wairongomai. Inquest states ‘John Bernard Kilian, on the 16th day of May, 1884, did casually, accidentally, and by misfortune fall from a foot-bridge at Wairongomai creek into the bed of the said creek…..(his injuries caused him to die on the 17th day of May 1884 and he is buried at Te Aroha Cemetery on the 19th May 1884.)
[Te Aroha News, Sat 24 May 1884, p.2.]
KILIAN          On May 17th, at his parent’s residence, Premier Hotel, Wairongomai, John Benjamin Kilian, only son of Mr and Mrs J.B. Kilian. Aged 17 years. His end was peace. (Auckland and other papers please copy.)  
[Te Aroha News, Sat 31 May 1884, p.2., col.1.]
JOHNSON          On July 15th, at Manawaru Bush, John Johnson, late of Ngaruawahia. Aged 72 years.
[Te Aroha News, Sat 19 Jul 1884, p.2., col. 2.]
WAINWRIGHT          On Jan 4 1887 at his residence, Ruakaka, Te Aroha, Abraham Mason Wainwright, aged 63, after a short illness. Herefordshire papers please copy.
[Te Aroha News, 8 Jan 1887, page 2.]
ADAIR          It is our painful duty to record the death of a well known Te Aroha resident, Mr Walter Adair, who was killed on Thursday night by falling down the shaft of the Prince Imperial mine, Thames, a distance of some 570 feet….
[Te Aroha News, Sat 6 Dec 1884, p. 2., col. 3.]
MARSHALL          On Monday, January 4, at Mount Pleasant, Te Aroha, Annie Frances, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Marshall.
[Te Aroha News, 9 Jan 1886, p.2.]
 ROBINSON          …on Saturday last (22nd May 1886). In the forenoon of that day Thomas Robinson, a well-known resident of Wairongomai, met with his death whilst employed at the works now in progress at the New Era Battery. Inquest held Monday 24th in the Premier Hotel, Wairongomai. Funeral same day, coffin conveyed by train to Ellerslie and buried at Howick where his parents live. Thomas Robinson was aged 42 years and unmarried. [More details in article.]
[Te Aroha News, 29 May 1886, p.2.]
KENRICK          On about 25/26th July 1886 Warden Kenrick died in Auckland. Buried 2nd August at Shortland, Thames. Leaves a wife and nine children. [More details in the article]
[Te Aroha News, 7 Aug 1886, p.2.]
RAWLINGS          An awfully sudden death occurred at 11.30am today. The deceased, a Mrs Rawlings from Auckland, fell down dead close to her cottage, which is opposite the police station. Deceased was about 46 years of age and married for the third time some twelve years since to Mr Rawlings. Mrs Saxon of Hamilton, sister of the deceased arrived the same afternoon by train from Hamilton. The funeral will leave Te Aroha on Sunday next at 3 pm, for the local cemetery. [More detail in the article.]
[Te Aroha News, 18 Sep 1886, p.2.]
RAWLINGS          On Saturday last an inquest was held in the Te Aroha Court House, upon the body of Mrs Emily Rawlings who fell down dead near her house at Te Aroha. . [More detail in the article.]
[Te Aroha News, 25 Sep 1886, p.2.]
STEWART          On Sunday afternoon last [19 September 1886] the body of an elderly man was found in the Waihou river a short distance above the old punt landing. Identified as J.H. Stewart, formerly a school teacher at Bunny Thorpe, Whanganui. The body was interred in the Te Aroha Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon [21 September 1886]. [More detail in the article.]
[Te Aroha News, 25 Sep 1886, p.2.]
SOPPET          At Ngaruawahia, on Sept 24th, after a lingering illness, Louisa, the beloved wife of James Soppet. Deeply regretted.
[Te Aroha News, 2 Oct 1886, p.2.]
McLIVER          Elizabeth McLiver’s body was found in the Waihou river near Smallman’s about 5 miles below the bridge. Her husband, Mr Hugh McLiver , manager of the New Find Gold Mining Company at Wairongomai identified the body. She was 30 years of age, a native of Staffordshire, England and has been20 years in the Colony. Funeral was 29 October and she is buried at Te Aroha Cemetery. [More detail in the article.]
[Te Aroha News, 30 Oct 1886, p.2.]
McLIVER          On October 16th (accidentally drowned in Waihou river, Te Aroha Goldfield), Elizabeth, wife of Hugh McLiver, aged 30 years. Interred Oct. 29th, in Te Aroha Cemetery.
[Te Aroha News, 6 Nov 1886, p.2.]
AITKEN          On May 28th, at his son’s residence, Rolleston street, Te Aroha, Thomas Aitken. Aged 63 years. Interred in Te Aroha Cemetery. Auckland and Thames papers will please copy.
[Te Aroha News, 4 Jun 1887, page 2.]
WHITAKER          It is with much regret we announce the death of Mr F.A. Whitaker, solicitor of Hamilton, (eldest son of Sir F. Whitaker) formerly M.H.R. for Waipa and one of the original proprietors of this Journal. Suicide at the Auckland Club in the evening of Thursday last [9 June 1887]
[Te Aroha News, 11 Jun 1887, page 2.]
JOY          At his residence, Waiorongomai, on September 26th, Charles Mansfield Clark, dearly beloved husband of Rachel Joy, third son of the late Dr. John Joy, of Great Massingam, Norfolk, England. Deeply regretted by all his friends. His end was peace. Norfolk and Gloucestershire papers please copy.
[Te Aroha News, Volume V, Issue 222, 1 October 1887, Page 2]
WHITEHOUSE          Mrs A. H. Whitehouse died suddenly on Sunday 17th June 1888. Her inquest was conducted at the Palace Hotel by the coroner from Hamilton Mr W. N. Searancke. Her husband was Alfred Henry Whitehouse and they had been married for nine years. They had at least 2 children including a baby. Her inquest was reported in the Te Aroha News.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 274, 20 June 1888, Page 2.]
CRAVEN          Thomas Craven at Waitoa, native of Halifax, York, aged about 36 years and had been in the colony for 8 or 9 years, with a sister living at Gisborne, who was the wife of John Wm. Mackrell. Committed suicide by hanging himself. Inquest held at the Waihou Hotel by the coroner from Hamilton Mr W. N. Searancke.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 281, 14 July 1888, Page 2.]
CLIFFORD          At Morrinsville, on July 18th, his twenty-ninth birthday, William Henry Clifford, third son of the late William Henry Clifford, of Painswick, Gloucestershire, England.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 283, 21 July 1888, Page 2.]
CASEY          On August 20th, at his parent’s residence, Waiorongomai, Patrick, eldest child of Thomas and Kate Casey. Aged 2 ½ years.  In the same edition is information about this child’s death, his clothing caught fire.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VII, Issue 292, 22 August 1888, Page 2.]
GRIFFITHS          William Griffiths died suddenly on the 17th August 1888, aged about 60 years. Had been married to Jane Griffiths for about 15 years. Also had a daughter named Jane, aged about 10 years old. The inquest was conducted at the William Griffith’s home by the coroner from Hamilton Mr W. N. Searancke.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VII, Issue 291, 18 August 1888, Page 2 and Te Aroha News, Volume VII, Issue 292, 22 August 1888, Page 2.]
WESTPFANLL          DEATH OF AN OLD SETTLER. Mr Westpfanll, bootmaker, and an old settler is dead.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 303, 29 September 1888, Page 2.]
LINCOLN          William Lincoln, aged 50 years, committed suicide by jumping off the rail bridge over the Waihou on Tuesday 27th November 1888. Had lived in Te Aroha for 10 years and previously before at Thames. No relatives in the Colony and had never married.Inquest carried out at the Court House in Te Aroha. Buried at Te Aroha Cemetery.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 321, 1 December 1888, Page 2.]
BURKE          Thomas Burke died after drinking on Monday 24th December 1888; he was aged between 50 and sixty years and was single. He worked for The Auckland Agricultural Co’s Waitoa estate. Inquest held at the Waihou Hotel by Mr J. Ilott, J.P.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 328, 26 December 1888, Page 2.]
MILES          Sudden death on Friday 22 Mar 1889 of Mr E.P.W. Miles, head of the firm of Miles Bros., of London and Christchurch. He was staying with Mr E. W. Hanmer of Manawaru, Te Aroha. Travelling with his wife, he was aged 60 years of age.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 354, 27 March 1889, Page 2.]
HOWLAND          On 2nd inst. At Waiorongomai, Christian Howland, eldest son of J. Howland, aged 5 years and 9 months. Funeral will start from Waiorongomai at 2 pm tomorrow (Sunday) for Te Aroha Cemetery.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 365, 4 May 1889, Page 2.]
LAWRY          On June 5, at Te Aroha, of croup, Heppie Lavinia, eldest daughter of Rev S. And Mr Lawry.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VI, Issue 375, 8 June 1889, Page 2.]
De LABROSSE          On Saturday 29th June 1889, Lionel de Labrosse was found lying dead outside the door of his whare. He worked as an engineer at Messrs Firth, Greenway and Co’s flaxmill at Wairakau, which is where the whare was located. He was thought to be about 50 years of age, married and from the Kaipara district.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VII, Issue 381, 3 July 1889, Page 2.]
DOBSON          At Te Aroha, on the 17th inst., after a painful and protracted illness, Mary, the beloved wife of J. A. Dobson, aged 38 years.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VII, Issue 429, 18 December 1889, Page 2.]
HILL          At Wairongomai on Wednesday 7th December 1889, Richard Hill died of crush injuries when the full quartz truck’s braking rope snapped. Sadly his son Thomas Hill was the person operating the brake at the time. They worked for the Te Aroha S. And G. Mining Company and the tramway was known as the County tramway. Richard Hill was 51 years and was married with nine children. Buried at Te Aroha Cemetery.
[Te Aroha News, Volume VII, Issue 426, 7 December 1889, Page 2.]


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